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Skills Assessments for all visas

We facilitate Skills Assessments in the trades and countries with the option of a Practical Assessment (Group of 10-15 in the same City and Country) or a Technical Assessment conducted in our approved offices in the required countries. We can also assist you in gaining an Australian Qualification if you or your employer requires it no matter where you are based.

You do not need to live in Australia to gain an Australian qualification.


Our recruitment process is an efficient cost effective option for employers as our worldwide alliances, give us access to pre-screened applicants in over 12 countries and throughout Australia. We arrange for their qualifications, interviews, visas, relocation and mobilisation if required.

LMT - Labour market Testing

Our Labour Market Testing is done in line with Immigration's requirements. We provide the ad, resume checking to forward onto you for selection, summaries of your decision for immigration for a very reasonable fee. 

Training & RPL

We can arrange a flexible training program for you or your workers for reasonable costs and in some cases Training may be Government Funded. This training can be done at the RTO premises, in your workplace or online. Together we will arrange the training or RPL most suitable for your business.

Fees for all our Services are based on each particular service you need, so please email to discuss Fees -

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